Day 3: Keep heading east

Back to the I-80 to bring The General Home.

Heavy-looking skies today. We’ll figure out the evening destination later today when we get a sense of how we’re rolling and what’s do-able.┬áThe agenda just says Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and so on.

Now about that rhetorical question in the previous post, the one about why would more people live in Alaska than Wyoming. A fully-researched evidence-based answer is of course preferred, especially for a university web page, but all we’re equipped for today is some anecdotal pondering.

Well, there are interesting parallels. Both Wyoming and Alaska are remote in their own distinctive ways, seen by many as romanticized locales for the solitary cowboy hero/frontiersman, strong silent type etc.

And Saturday Night Live certainly owes a debt to both states: Alaska gave us Sarah Palin, while we have Wyoming to thank for Dick Cheney.

But maybe this item from today’s USA Today newspaper provides a clue about what makes people want to live where they do. Datelined Cheyenne, Wyoming, the article reads: “Roosters rescued from a suspected cock-fighting ring near here are being moved to an animal sanctuary in Colorado, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported.”

Just saying that some of these things sure make you wonder.

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