Day 4: half way home

Think Nebraska and it’s likely one of the following come to mind (a) corn; (b) college football (they seem to perennially be in one bowl game or another); (c) the Springsteen album; or (d) that great Bruce Dern movie.

But when The General thinks of it, based on today’s travels, it will be sunny skies, March temperatures in the 70s, long straight turnpike, and wind.

That wind, mentioned in yesterday’s dispatches, is playing havoc with The General’s tarps, but at this moment we continue along the I-80 and keep an eye on the situation.

The General just passed the half-way point of his 4,000-km odyssey and, barring any unforeseen developments,expects to spend tonight in Walcott, Iowa, home of The World’s Biggest Truck Stop.

Meanwhile, some changes to the planned route home. The height of The Generall as he now sits on the truck means he will not travel through New York State but rather will cross into Canada at the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia and do his final approach home from that direction.

On the US side of the border he will get to the bridge via the I-94 and I-69.

More later.


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